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March 7th Newsletter

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Fundraising / Social Events

Sat, March 19  Pub Crawl (start at Littlest Bar 11am)

Thurs, April 21  Fundraiser at Ned Devine’s

Sat, May 21  Corn-hole Tournament at Boston   Athletic Center

Ride Events

Sat, April 30  Martha’s Vineyard Ride

Sat, May 14  Trek Portsmouth Team Ride & Bike   Seminar

June 25-26  Cape Cod Getaway!

Bike Fun Fact / Ride Tip

Chamois Cream (aka Butt Butter) is your friend. Invest in a tub and apply it frequently….during the ride.


Why did you create Team Liam’s Lucky Charms?

Keith: The creation of Team Lucky Charms was a result of my sister Allyson and me trying to come up with a way of supporting a best friend and life long family friend Liam Kennedy AKA Choppers.  I was sitting in my office and just heard the news that Choppers had been diagnosed with MS; 1st  thought what can I do, 2nd thought what more can my sister Ally do!!!!

I am extremely proud to say that our team has gone from 20 riders the 1st year, 29 riders the second year, 60 riders the third year, and expect over

120 riders this year. This increase in riders is due to one reason and one reason only, Ken Boggis forcing people to join our team.  In all seriousness,

it’s a testament to who Choppers is as person and the many lives he has impacted.

What is your favorite part about the CCG Weekend?

Keith: No question, my favorite part of CCG weekend, is seeing all the smiles.  I personally never smile once over the 2 day event,

but I see a lot of them.

When do you typically start your training for the ride weekend?   What does your training entail?  What type of bike do you use?

Keith:  Great question and I am certainly not the one to answer. I barely train, I  barely finish…The point is to put yourself through the most

intense pain, rash, and humiliation so you want to come back the following year.  My tool for the trade is a Huffy GT110 Stainless Steel

quad back roadster.

What does it mean to be a “spin hero, road zero”?

Keith:  “Spin Hero, Road Zero” is a term that we “cyclists” put on other so called cyclists that spend too much time at spin class and not

enough time on the black top.  Deirdre Hume, is a perfect example of Spin Hero, Road Zero.

What advice would you give to the new riders on Team LLC?  Training tips?

Keith:  My advice to the new riders is to not worry about compete level, how out of shape you are, what kind of bike you are riding, and whether or not you think    you  can finish.  The event is larger then that, the event will make you finish, and that feeling you receive crossing the finish is one that is not easily forgotten.  Grab your butt cream, and ride on!

Next Weeks Featured Rider – Ali Carter (the other Co-Founder of Team LLC)


Did you know?? Team LLC has grown 5x since our first ride in 2008?!?!


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